Starting in the summer of 2010 I started taking panorama images. Most are taken in Yosemite. The camera is a Canon 450D. The lenses are a Canon 17-85mm zoom and a Canon 70-200mm zoom. Some of the panoramas were taken with the camera handheld, some mounted on a tripod. Follow the links below to the panoramas. The orignal file sizes are in the 200 MB to 1 GB range and can easily be printed to fill up a 10' wide wall in many cases. The computer monitor cannot do the images justice.

180 Degree Panorama from Glacier Point

Panorama Pages

Images from Old Big Oak Flat Road
Images from Bottom of Upper Yosemite Falls
Images from Taft Point
Images from and around Cathedral Lakes
Images from the Medlicott Dome Area
Images from or near Glacier Point
Ribbon Falls
Images from North Dome
Images from Dewey Point
Images from Tresidder Ridge
Images from Ridge South of Cathedral Peak
Images from Sunrise Lakes
Images from Conness Lakes
Images from Mountaintop near Cathedral Pass (Elevation 10031 Ft)
Images of Yosemite Valley
Images from Mt. Watkins
Images from ShepherdCrest

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